RIP James “Tony” Hack

My son is three…he’s tiny. He thinks he is strong and powerful, and he is…for a three year old. The truth is though, that he has little arms and skinny legs, and precious three year old hands and feet, and a very small ribcage that houses a pair of delicate lungs and an amazingly petite heart.

James “Tony” Hack was barely older than my own tiny son…he was just four years old. He was beaten senseless by a grown man, his mother’s boyfriend. He was beaten so severely that his little head suffered three fractures, that his small body was covered in bruises, and that eventually…his eyes closed for the last time, and his amazingly petite heart took it’s last beat.

I am so sad right now…

I know he’s in Heaven with his real Father. I know his skull is mended. I know his bruise-covered body is brand new. I know all of this, and I should be happy for him…but I am really sad right now.

His first day of kindergarten…gone. His first visit from the tooth fairy…gone. Learning how to ride a bike…gone. His first little league game…gone. His first kiss…gone. His high school graduation…gone. The college experience…gone. His first love…gone. His dream wedding…gone. Meeting his own child…gone.

Father God, I know I don’t have to ask You to take good care if him…because I know that You already are. This precious, little flower has been replanted in Your garden and I am grateful for the end of his suffering. Thank You for Your mercy and Your grace. Please give Little Tony a big hug, from the world who never knew of him…until today. In Jesus Name…Amen.

Sweet, pure child…
Too good for the life for which you were made,
Too soft for the harshness of today,
So now goodbye to you we say.
Sweet, pure child…
Where were the arms to hold you tight?
There was no protection for you that night,
And still in the darkness you were light.
Sweet, pure child…
Your name and your face we didn’t know,
Until the world had to let you go,
Your image forever will strike a blow.

In life, what is beautiful?
You were, Sweet Baby Boy.

2 thoughts on “RIP James “Tony” Hack”

  1. The innocent shall always pay the price for the gulty.As the song goes only the good die young.So sad!!

  2. I known baby Tony since he was born. His grandmother lived a few doors down from me a couple years back, even though i hadent seen em in the last couple years this situation really tore me up. i have 3 kids n i couldent imagine my life with out them. I dont understand what a child can do so wrong that there life is beatin out of em. it just really hurts to no what this baby indured in the hands of some one who became so close to em. My heart goes out to his family in Ill keep ya n my prayers

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